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  TBC Brands Division Tuesday, September 23, 2014 
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We specialize in:
- Passenger tires
- Commercial tires
- Farm tires
- Specialty tires
- and more
Welcome to TBC Brands Division - The largest marketer of private brand tires in North America.

TBC Brands' Division is the largest marketer of private brand tires in North America. In recent private brand tire surveys, Independent Tire Dealers rated TBC Brands Division products number one in ten of the categories surveyed including Product Availability, Line Coverage, Delivery, Product Innovation, and Best Overall Brand.

TBC Brands Division tires are manufactured to exacting manufacturing standards... second to none in the industry ... including the "majors". With TBC Brands Division tires, today's Independent Tire Dealers have the opportunity to offer consumers superior value vs. the comparable brand name competition.
TBC Brands Division Tires can give you the edge in your market through:

  • Complete Line Coverage
  • Superior Fill Rates
  • Marketing Support
  • Warranty

  • Please contact us with any questions either through our website or at the address or phone number listed below.
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